The Art of Concealment

In September 2012 I completed a year long contract at The Dock arts centre in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim (my official title was assistant to the events manager but I did a bit of everything). I wanted to put some of the things I preach into practice and used it to combine my Deeper into Nothing technique and One Minute/Secret Residency models to make relatively quick and simple no budget work under The Art of Concealment theme where I would either introduce something subtly or notice a subtlety. This was about many things but was primarily concerned with looking, how much we take in from the outside world, or basically, what we notice. However, actually doing the project was for me all about exploring my process further.

This website is to document some of the more tangible examples of what came out of this. I also strived to make every action and interaction I had with people while there be charged with the same fully present intention and attitude you might need to notice some of the work I made. I know for me it made a big difference in how I spent my time there and hope it did for them too. I am very grateful to all the staff at The Dock and anyone I encountered while there.

There is an interview with me about this project here.

Stephen Rennicks

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